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24335 NW West Union Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124
United States

(503) 647-2638

The Schoch Dairy and Creamery website contains information on our cows, fresh bottled milk, wholesome eggs, and how to get here. We also offer T-shirts and sweatshirts with the Schoch Dairy logo.


Our Milk and Eggs

We sell fresh pasteurized cow’s milk, cheese, and fresh hen’s eggs. They're are available on a first-come, first-served basis on the farm.

Our Milk

Milk in Glass Bottles

Milk in Glass Bottles

Our award-winning milk is whole, just as it comes from the cow. All the milk we sell comes from the cows on our farm, unlike larger creameries.

We bottle it in reusable, half-gallon clear-glass bottles. Milk in glass bottles tastes better than milk stored in paper or plastic containers.

Our creamery is state-inspected and approved. Our milk is pasteurized, which kills harmful bacteria. However, it's not homogenized, so cream rises to the top of the bottle. You can mix the milk again by shaking the bottle before pouring. We do not sell raw, unpasteurized milk.

  • We vat pasteurize our milk. This is a slow, low temperature process that allows the full flavor and nutrition of the milk to come through. Then, we chill it quickly, to lock in freshness.

  • Our milk is from our own cows only. We raise our own cows, feed them on our pastures, milk them, and process the milk into glass bottles. Our milk goes from our farm to your fridge in one day. Now that's FRESH!

Milk costs $4 per half-gallon bottle. There is an additional $2 deposit for each bottle.

Return the empty bottles and get your deposit back or a credit for a new purchase. (Please rinse the bottles after use.) We inspect, clean, and sanitize returned bottles before we place them back in circulation. We can't reuse the plastic cap, so there's no need to return them. Also, we don’t accept bottles from other creameries.

Customers sometimes want to use our bottles for decorating or to give as gifts. You can purchase new, unused bottles for $3 each.

Schocolate Milk

Come enjoy our unique, delicious schocolate milk. This is the same whole, pasteurized milk, but chocolate flavored.

Schocolate milk costs $5 per half-gallon bottle. There is the same $2 deposit for each bottle.


Our Eggs

Farm-Fresh Eggs

Farm-Fresh Eggs

We have a flock of organic Leghorn hens. Our hens are antibiotic-free and artificial-hormone-free. They roam freely in a large, fenced area and spend nights in a heated chicken coop. Each hen has its own nesting area.

Flavorful, nutritious, and colorful fresh eggs are available by the dozen.  We sell out quickly, but new eggs are available every day.

Eggs cost $4 per dozen.


We accept cash and checks. We don't accept credit cards.